Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Open Source info for the TIPIC

The what? TIPIC, Thermal Imaging Phone I....uh Camera. OK, I'm horrible with names for my projects. Any ideas? I'll give a free Thermal Imaging Phone Camera Accessory thing when they are ready to the person that comes up with the best name.

Anyway, on to the Open Source Hardware thing. Phil Torrone's article The Unspoken Rules of Open Source Hardware has some very good information on what seems to be the current state of OSHW, or possibly how it should be anyway. There are also some good points in a response by Ian Lesnet in A Culture of Ethics In Open Source Hardware. So I am trying to be a good community member and share info on my projects while still trying to make a living at OSHW. We'll see how it goes!

What I have for you today is the Arduino code I used in the video. It is available at It still needs a lot of work but I wanted to get a prototype working for the Instructables contest. Also, a quick Fritzing sketch of the bread board for this is here. I will have the iPhone code posted very soon I just have to clean up a lot of confusing and or unused stuff. It will be available at in a day or two.

Update: The iPhone code is now available at

The rig to make the video with.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Thermal Imaging Phone Camera

Thermal Imaging Phone Camera
I have a 100 year old house that can be drafty and hard to heat in the winter. I have been wanting a thermal imaging camera to help find leaks ever since we bought this house. So I finally just made my own.The temperature readings are overlaid onto the phone's camera display. The display is adjustable for different temperature ranges and can show the numeric reading for every zone or just 1.

No, it is not as nice as the $2000 - $10,000 cameras but it is good enough for most things you need a thermal imaging camera for and it is also rather fun to play with too.

I would like to make and sell these so others like me can save money and energy. I should be able to manufacture and sell them for around $150. The software for iPhones is ready, the Android software will be available soon. This is also going to be an Open Source Hardware project so if you want to make your own that is fine too.

Please watch my video entry to the Jack Daniel's Independence Project Contest and let me know if you like it.