Saturday, September 18, 2010

CNC Router

 Here is my CNC Router that I built a few years ago based on plans from I was asked to make a sign for a friend and didn't like the router letter templates available so after doing a little research on the internet I found that you could build a CNC Router. It was a fun project to build and I never get tired of watching it move. Anyway, the sign may have taken a bit longer but it looked really good when it was done.

 The limit switches still aren't hooked up but I did make sure the E-Stop button works. I really like the Big Red Button I found at Gateway Electronics, it just makes it look more like a real machine for some reason. I also got the transformer for the power supply there.

I went with the Hobby CNC controller kit bundle which was very affordable but you have to solder it yourself and build the power supply. I am glad I did because this was my first big electronics project and it has been another hobby I have enjoyed ever since.

It is currently staying at the St. Louis Hackerspace called Arch Reactor. The video of it below is from the Arch Reactor open house at the old location and has some other cool stuff from there on it too.

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