Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cutting the parts for the robot arm.

 I just got my Taig mill a few months ago and I am still learning a lot about machining (mostly how to break small end mills) and one of the reasons for getting the mill was to make robots with my 5 and 7 year old boys. So, we decided to start with a robot arm and I found drawings for one on I started cutting it out of 1/8 inch aluminum and realized pretty quickly that the time spent while the CNC mill cuts out the parts is spent removing the chips and spraying cutting fluid or else the aluminum welds to the end mill bit. After sitting for a couple of hours doing this I did some research and found that it wasn't that hard to setup a flood coolant system for the Taig mill. This lead me and my brother to build an enclosure to keep most of the coolant from flying everywhere and a tub, drain and filter system to get the coolant back to the sump. After a few hours of building and lots of on the fly re-engineering we ended up with this.


There are a few things I would like to change about it and a few things I will just live with but overall I am pretty happy with it. I had a pretty good idea of how to build it but as things went together I saw some problems with the design and just did quick things to get it working. I think I will at some point make a removable shield that actually mounts to the x-axis stepper mount and take down the table mounted shield on the right side.

I had seen a manifold to mount the coolant hose to the mill head at and so made something like that. It was my first real part that I made manually with the mill. It was pretty fun but I will probably do most things with the CNC.

So this is the difference between cutting without flood coolant and cutting with.

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